Axkid Minikid 2 (202223) Shellfish_AngleAxkid Minikid 2 (202223) Shellfish_Angle

Axkid Minikid 2 (2022/23)


One of the world’s most popular and awarded extended rear-facing car seats has a new updated headrest that allows for 2cm extra height. Compact design that allows extended rear-facing up to approximately 6 years of age. Automatic headrest and self-tightening tether straps.

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The Minikid 2 has now come in an upgraded version – The Axkid Minikid 2 (2022/23) Collection! The back length is now even longer with its updated headrest geometry. This allows for your child to sit comfortably in the Minikid 2 for even longer (around 2 cm more)! The textile material is now updated with a stretchy fabric for easier fitting and a thicker insert will add comfort to smaller children.


One of the world’s most popular and awarded extended rear-facing car seat

The Minikid is designed with a Swedish safety-mindset into its DNA allowing “real” extended rear-facing up to approximately 6 years of age whilst in a compact design.

Simple and secure installation with self-tightening tether-straps. Automatic headrest that adjusts to the child’s length.


Comfortable and secure positioning

Axkid Minikid is the only seat in the market where the headrest grows with your child. The headrest and internal harness automatically adjusts according to the child’s length and size. This makes it easy to make sure your child has both a secure and comfortable position when seated in a Minikid.


Protection from all angles

25% of all severe accidents are collisions directly from the side or frontal accidents with a side angle. The innovative Axkid Side Impact Protection (ASIP) is developed with the most prestigious crash institute in the world – ADAC in Germany. Upon a side collision, ASIP is built to deform and absorb the crash energy before it reaches your child.


Comfort for both children and parents

Don’t make comprises on comfort when travelling with your child. The multi-reclining leg in the front allows you to use five different positions for a comfortable and secure recline for your child, depending on age, length and backseat angle. If more recline is needed, our angle adjusting wedge  is a good addition.


  • Product info

    Type: Rear-facing car seat
    Installation: Belt attachment
    Approved weight of child: up to 25 kg
    Approved length of child: up to 125 cm
    Certification: ECE R44/04
    Plus tested: Yes, up to 25 kg

Axkid Minikid 2

Tar Black, Granite, Sea, Shellfish, Premium Granite Melange


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